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Documentary by Charlene Music & Peter Jordan
Languages: Spanish, Tz’utujil, Kaqchikel
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Running Time: 26 minutes


Undeterred by Guatemala’s powerful religious organizations, conservative politicians, and a male-dominated culture that leaves women without a voice, Evelyn and Ester are two women who courageously travel the countryside on a journey to provide women with family planning education and access to contraceptive methods.


Blessed Fruit of the Womb is their story–a story about the fight for reproductive rights and freedom in a country gripped by staggering poverty, the highest fertility rate in Latin America, and one of the highest rates of chronic malnutrition in the world.


About The Film


Ester Pop, 51, was born into a family of 15 children and witnessed firsthand the many difficulties facing large families in Guatemala. Married at a young age, Ester became a widow and single mother of two at only 21 when her husband was kidnapped during Guatemala’s civil war. It was by accident that Ester attended her first birth; at 23, she found herself delivering her first baby without any formal training when a woman she was visiting experienced a rapid labor. This inspired Ester to seek education to become a nurse and midwife, and she eventually earned her nursing degree. In 2011 and 2012, Ester worked with WINGS as a family planning educator, and is a current member of WINGS’ network of volunteer family planning promoters. She also continues her work as a midwife in Sololá, Guatemala, providing much-needed support and assistance to pregnant women in communities near Lake Atitlan.

Evelyn, 29, is the mother of two daughters – 7 and 1 ½ years old. Evelyn’s parents did not talk openly about family planning to her or her four siblings and, like many men in Guatemala, Evelyn’s husband was initially opposed to discussing contraception. Despite this, Evelyn remained committed to planning her family and eventually convinced her husband that spacing out their pregnancies, and limiting their family size to two children, would enable them to have a better life. Before working with WINGS, Evelyn worked with Asociación BPD , providing nutrition education to communities in Chimaltenango, Guatemala, while volunteering with WINGS as a family planning promoter. In 2009, WINGS hired Evelyn as a family planning educator and training facilitator. Three years later, Evelyn left WINGS to find work that would allow her to spend more time with her infant daughter. Today, Evelyn works for the Bridge Association, educating women and children about nutrition and food security while pursuing a degree in social work.


The Filmmaker – Charlene Music

After studying photography and film at Harvard University, Costa Rican-American Charlene Music worked as a filmmaker in India, producing domestic violence prevention films in collaboration with children and women in rural communities. Since then, her work in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the USA has won numerous international prizes including awards from the National Academy of Television, the University Film & Video Association, the Caucus Foundation, Kodak, and various film festivals. Charlene received her MFA in documentary filmmaking from Stanford University in 2009. Since then, she has been the director of photography for feature-length documentaries like Perfect Strangers, a film about altruistic kidney donation, and Telling My Story, about the lives of incarcerated women. She has also partnered with Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Pinterest, and Quora to tell their stories. Charlene was the Associate Teacher of documentary film and photography for New York Universitys study abroad program in Cuba in 2011, and in 2012 she was a cinematographer for President Obama on his re-election campaign. Most recently, she has partnered with the Wikimedia Foundation to inspire action by documenting the grassroots efforts of South African township students to get free access to Wikipedia on their cell phones. For more information, contact her here.

About Boundless Media

Boundless Media partners and collaborates with international and humanitarian organizations to tell personal stories, effect social change, and empower communities through documentary film production and photography. For more information, visit their website.

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Our documentary film, Blessed Fruit of the Womb, is a powerful tool to raise awareness about the need for family planning education and reproductive health services in Guatemala. We need your help to get the film into homes and communities across the United States and around the world.

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