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We educated and counseled 216,332 women, men and youth on family planning

We screened 
50,278 women for cervical cancer

We prevented 225,022 unintended pregnancies

We prevented1,269 child and 82 maternal deaths

Since 2001 we invested $7,590,827 in Guatemala

98% of the population we serve lives in rural areas


Guatemalan women 
report their ideal number of children as 2. They have 3.1 on average, 3.7 in indigenous communities.

1 in 3 
indigenous women have no access to health and family planning services

of the indigenous population lives in poverty

Nearly 50% 
of children under five are chronically malnourished (80% in indigenous populations)



Cervical Cancer Prevention

Cervical cancer is the leading cause of death among Guatemalan women. We provide rapid screening and immediate treatment of pre-cancerous cells using visual inspection with acetic acid and cryotherapy.


    Meeting Adolescent Needs

    Nearly half of all Guatemalans are under 19 and have unique reproductive health needs. WINGS works with young women and men to ensure access to youth-friendly information and services.


Increasing access to Family Planning

We give low-income, indigenous and rural women and men the opportunity to plan and space their pregnancies by expanding access to information and a range of services in their communities. Our network of 74 community-based promoters provides counselling and short-term methods. Through mobile and stationary clinics, we provide long-acting reversible and permanent contraception.


After visiting Guatemala so many times and seeing young women in poor health because of bearing so many children at young ages, I became a strong supporter of WINGS’ efforts in education, health services, and family planning. What an important contribution to bettering the quality of life for women and their families.

Rosie Sundeen, Supporter

I visited Guatemala on numerous occasions. Last year, I volunteered with WINGS and joined one of the mobile clinics. I had an opportunity to see the huge need for help in Guatemala. I support WINGS because I want to help empower women in Guatemala.

Karolina Pajor, Voluntaria

During our two years in Guatemala, we were shocked to see very young girls carrying babies on their backs and children working in the fields to help their family make ends meet. When we met Sue Patterson and learned about WINGS, it became one of our favorite charities.

Marietta and Stephen Bartoletti, Supporters

I believe in the mission and want to help disadvantaged communities in Guatemala.

Rebecca, Supporter

I believe in empowering and educating women, and enabling men to support that progress.

Anonymous, Supporter

I support WINGS because I believe that women everywhere should be able to decide and plan their future.

Kasia O’Donnel, Supporter

Through WINGS, some communities are gaining access to contraceptive options for the first time. I love how WINGS staff treats individuals with care and respect, helping them choose what is best for them.

Susan Cushman, WINGS' Board Member

As a Guatemalan, I believe it is important to get involved with projects that provide real solutions to the issues that affect the development of our country. I have had the chance to see the great work WINGS does and I am glad to be able to contribute to take this cause further.

Fernando Palma, Supporter

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